Taking a shine

by Crystal Cortex

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The album cover is a photograph taken at Maroon Lake, Maroon Bells, near Aspen, Colorado, United States.


released February 10, 2012

Composed, arranged, engineered, and mixed by Meinhardt Greeff

Cover design and Photography by Meinhardt Greeff

"Taking a shine" was performed by~
Meinhardt Greeff: Guitar, Bass, Drum Loops, Keyboards, Vox

Joseph Mentoni: Keyboards track 1, footstomps track 3
Alan Goodman: Harmonica track 11, footstomps track 3
Regan Greeff: Vox track 4
Sandi Copeland: Vox track 4



all rights reserved


Crystal Cortex Los Alamos, New Mexico

Crystal Cortex is an attempt to compose, record and share a bunch of tunes that others might find entertaining, amusing, or intriguing.


The sunset in the banner was photographed in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

All the recordings were done in Boulder, Colorado, and Los Alamos, New Mexico.
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Track Name: Angel
:: Angel ::

Angel from heaven
You dance in the night
I watch from the doorway
Afraid of the light
Like lovers in amber
With nowhere to go
Angel from heaven
You're dancing too slow

In a field of dreams
I lost my desire
I drank from the river
I put out the fire
My eyes are wide open
But I cannot see
My angel from heaven
That's waiting for me

Angel from heaven
You dance in the night
I step on the sidewalk
I walk to the light
I see right through you
My eyes are ablaze
My home is in heaven
My house in flames

Here in my wasteland
I am the straw man
Burning deep inside
Track Name: Be my girl
:: Be my girl ::

To be, to be or not to be
My love
To be or not to be
My love
To be or not to be
My love
To be or not to be
My love

The laughter in your voice is mine
The magic in your smile
The honey on your lips I feel
The movies that you made were real

Magic moments on a shoestring
A little bit of pleasure that money can't buy
Magic moments on a shoestring
A little bit of pleasure that mystifies

Bye, bye, baby
I don't want to let you go
Bye, bye, baby
You know you're going to break my heart

Once in awhile
I feel the urge to call your number
Once in awhile
I want to break your golden slumber
Track Name: Bigger than the moon
:: Bigger than the moon ::

I remember all the fun we had
When you were here
Drinking a beer and sharing a smile

And the only thing on my mind at night
Was being with you
By candle light

The room was small but your eyes were bigger than the moon
Then you'd hold me like I was the last man in the world

In December the snow came 'round
You were under the African sun
I waited for you

And then you came home
To walk into my dream

You whispered in my ear that you loved to have me close to you
I knew right then I was the luckiest guy in the world

Softer than a butterfly landing on a marigold
You whispered to me that all was alright with the world

I can't believe you're gone again
I can still feel you near me

5,000 miles is what I travel every heartbeat
Will you be with me tonight
Track Name: Close your eyes
:: Close your eyes ::

Close your eyes
Go to sleep
Think of angels
As you dream

Fly away
Into the night
Come to rest
On clouds of white

Mummy's here
Daddy's here
Go to sleep
No need to fear
Track Name: Für Sandi
:: Für Sandi ::

I thought I was doing ok
Living on my own
Not a care in the world
I could have been
The poster boy for happiness

As I was drifting away
Into middle aged bliss
My guard was down
I had no idea about the storm
That was brewing

Just around the corner
Of easy street

Being single isn't too bad
I still have the memories of what I had
When I was immortal
When I was a young and carefree thing

So pretty I was
When I ruled the world
I would live forever
And all that I wanted
Would come to me

This is the sum
Of my memories

You blew into town
Flashing around
A smile so wide
I had to laugh
Your shyness, your coyness,
Your come hither glance
Made a mystery of your romance
Track Name: Hunger for you
:: Hunger for you ::

You make me crazy
Each and every day
I can't seem to lose the spell
You cast my way

I think of you
Each and every night
You're in my dreams always
Until the morning light

I hunger for you I need you so bad
Your skin is a drug, you make me glad

True love is waiting for me
True love is waiting for me

My love for you
Burns like a flame
You're my hearts desire
You drive me insane

The memory of you
Is carved in my soul
I need to be with you
You make me whole
Track Name: Love is on the move
:: Love is on the move ::

Love is on the move
Fighting for the truth
And I
Want to be there
Won't you help me now?

Open up your heart
Freedom's all you got
And we
Can build a mountain
Won't you help me?

Moving out from babylon
Moving upwards, moving on
Love the one that's near to you
You can love a stranger too

Well, change the world for good
You know your brother would
But he
Can't do it on his own

Do the best you can
To make a better plan
And we
Can live forever

Come on come on
Get up on your feet
Come on come on
Walk out in the street
Come on come on
Breath the air that's free
Come on come on....
Track Name: My love is like a rose
:: My love is like a rose ::
(Words by Robert Burns)

My love is like a rose
That blooms in the spring
You are a melody
Sweetly sung in tune

As fair as you are
So deep in love am I
And I will love you dear
Until the seas run dry

Till the seas run dry, my dear
Though the rocks melt in the sun
I will love you still my dear
Though the sands of time still run

Fair you well my love
Fair you well a while
I will come again, my love
Though I walk ten thousand miles
Track Name: She breathes
:: She breathes ::

She breathes the air that I breath
And yet I wonder
What's going on
When she takes me by surprise

I could live a thousand lifetimes
And never find another
She breaks me
And tells me I'm her man

When we're apart we're together
I can feel her heart beat
Just the way it was
When she was lying next to me

When I wake up in the morning
I ache to see her smile
I'm hoping
She'll come home in a little while

Blow wind blow
Bring my baby back to me
From the other side of somewhere
Across the stormy sea
Track Name: Sitting by a pool
:: Sitting by a pool ::

Sitting by a pool
Sitting in that sun
Thinking lazy thoughts
About my only one

I think of you
And where you are
I wonder
Yes I wonder
Why we're apart

You and I could be together
Through fair or stormy weather
Holding hands forever
Walking in fields of clover
All along the cliffs of Dover

Another gin and tonic
To help unwind the chronic
Pain that I feel
When everything's real

I steal a moment or two
When I need to remember you
As you were when I saw
You walking through my front door

We, two peas in a pod so green
Happy as two moles in dirt
Blinded to the voice of reason
Every hormone has a season
Track Name: The beggar's song
:: The beggar's song ::

I pledge my eternal love for you
I will always watch out for you
Nothing will ever stand in my way
The highest mountain or the longest day

The deepest sea could wash over me
I would overcome these all with ease
We don't have to be afraid
You and I can find our way

Goodness knows
Forever could be interesting
Won't you sing
Along with me
In harmony
Baby please
I'm on my knees
Begging you
To take my hand
Track Name: True to you
:: True to you ::

I don't mind at all
I found myself a girl who lives next door
And it's all right
It's all right
We're dancin' and dreamin'
Huggin' an' kissin'
Trying to make sense of it all

Who am I to believe
There's no one in this world for me
I'm not alone
No-one's alone
Livin' and breathin'
Walkin' and talkin'
I'm being the best I can be

Every single day that passes
I will be with you
All time and through the ages
I'll be forever true / to you
Track Name: You broke my heart again
:: You broke my heart again ::

There's a place we can go
There's a place where love can grow
There's a place for you and me

You broke my heart again
You left me standing there
We held each other tight
The way we did before
You were never the girl next door

I can't turn back time
To when we were all alone
Nothing in the world
Would make me feel bad
If my heart was filled by you

There's (nothing) in the whole wide world
There's (nothing) nobody in the whole wide world
That loves me the way you do

You said you wanted
You said you wanted me