Small songs for bigger people

by Crystal Cortex

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The album cover is a photograph taken on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.


released February 10, 2012

Composed, arranged, engineered, and mixed by Meinhardt Greeff

Cover design and Photography by Meinhardt Greeff

"Small songs for bigger people" was performed by~
Meinhardt Greeff: Guitar, Bass, Drum Loops, Keyboards, Vox

Alan Goodman: Harmonica track 5



all rights reserved


Crystal Cortex Los Alamos, New Mexico

Crystal Cortex is an attempt to compose, record and share a bunch of tunes that others might find entertaining, amusing, or intriguing.


The sunset in the banner was photographed in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

All the recordings were done in Boulder, Colorado, and Los Alamos, New Mexico.
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Track Name: One River
:: One River ::

You're watching the world
Through electric eyes
In another land
Far away from the cries

Of the hunger you created
And the land you decimated
With your greed

So you want to save the world
While living a lie
While raping by proxy
Under the virgin skies

Where the profits are made
And the coffins are laid
And the people bleed

There's no telling when the river runs dry no telling what the people will do no telling what your eyes will see as you're watching the world on your TV screen

The 1st world
The 3rd world
One river to cross
Track Name: Where the Buffaloes Roam
:: Where the Buffaloes Roam ::

There is a space inside your head
That is the home of the living dead
It's made of sand, rocks and stone
It is the place that you call home
Where the buffaloes roam

There are no flowers, sea or sky
It is the place we go to die
All of us here wish you well
Alone inside your living hell
In your wishing well
(In your living hell)

I want to be with you
Inside your padded room
I want to stay the night
Inside your candlelight
Track Name: If
:: If ::

If we all had a cent
For what we didn't earn
We'd be in paradise
With money left to burn

If everyone had a song
That they themselves had wrote
We'd be buying songs
Where no-one sings a note

If only, if only
We could listen to the voice inside
And leap across the great divide
We'd never say if only again

If all the schools stopped teaching
The eyes of little children
Would be filled with dreams

If writers stopped writing
About their own disease
The money spent on pain
Could save another tree

If only, if only….

If soldiers had to drink
With those they had to kill
There'd be a lot of drunkards
That never saw boot hill

If insight was a wish
Upon a falling star
Knowledge would be less
Than knowing what you are
Track Name: Little Fish
:: Little Fish ::

I do believe
There's nothing but love in the breeze

And I can see
The madness in their disease of hatred and fear

You say the little fish get eaten by the big fish
The devil takes the hindmost
Is the meaning of the holy ghost
But you lie

We are one
With all that is under the sun

And we lose it all
When we live with our backs to the wall

Alone and afraid
Scared of the sunshine outside

You say the little fish get eaten by the big fish
That hope is for the hopeless
And bigger is better
But you lie
Track Name: Sally
:: Sally ::

Back up in the woods amongst the evergreens
There sat a little boy eating pork and beans
He told me of a time with long-legged sally
He asked her for a kiss, well she ducked back in the alley

Go sally go

She was so fine. She was the preacher's daughter
Johnny had a boat on the muddy water
One day he asked her to come and play
A love so strong it would not fade away

Go sally go

Johnny took a jump-jet
He couldn't fly
He's out of control
He's eight mile high
There's a little blue spark inside his brain
Lighting up the dark and keeping out the rain

Sally dropped an anchor, she couldn't swim
She doesn't know about the shape she's in
There's a little pink flower inside her head
Keeping out the monsters underneath her bed
Track Name: Cold is the night
:: Cold is the night ::

As the sunrise burns your eyes you must go
Far beneath the earth to a gilded cage

Cold is the night
Pale is the light

As night falls on my home town you arise
As I lay my head to rest you arrive

Cold is the night
Pale is the light

Oh don't you lie to me
Oh won't you set me free
Oh won't you let me be
Oh won't you

Your shadow on the wall is all I see
A fantasy in black, watch over me

Cold is the night
Pale is the light
Track Name: Used to be an angel
:: Used to be an angel ::

Welcome to my nightmare
Welcome to my home
I'm glad that you could be here
I was feeling all alone

Don't you stand on my dreams
As you walk these barren plains
Don't kick aside my wishes
As you play inside my pain

I used to be an angel
Sitting close at hand
I thought I was somebody
So they turned me to a man

Now I look around me
At all the fallen ones
That populate this planet
Where nothing's ever done

How do I leave here
And break these mortal chains?
How do I leave the cage
That holds this world of pain?

I used to be eternal
I walked amongst the gods
I never needed anyone
To tell me right from wrong

But when I wanted more than that
When I wanted you
I found the twist inside the tale
Was leaving all that's good

Now I'm destined for the ground
Dust to dust along with you
All the pleasures of the flesh
Are dirt beneath my shoe
Track Name: Day in, day out
:: Day in, day out ::

Falling from grace to be real
Too afraid to be gods
Living inside of a dream
Is the closest we got

We dream of becoming
More than limiting flesh
We find ourselves wandering
Ever closer to death

Day in, day out, we can be strong
Day in, day out, we can be strong

Alone in our dilemma
It's too much to bear
Avoiding decisions
Turn this matter to air

What do we gain, what do we lose?
How are we asked, when did we choose?
I, me, mine, is the lock on the door
I, me, mine, is what we pay for