Mad as a Bag of Ferrets

by Crystal Cortex

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Cover design and Photography by Meinhardt Greeff

The album cover is a photograph of Regan Greeff holding a Dragon Fly


released July 6, 2016

All tunes composed by Meinhardt Greeff & David Fellenz
except for track 2: which was composed by
Meinhardt Greeff, Joseph Mentoni, Alan Goodman & David Fellenz

Arranged, engineered, and mixed by Meinhardt Greeff

Meinhardt Greeff: Guitar, Bass, Vox on all tracks
David Fellenz: Drums on all tracks

Joseph Mentoni: Keyboards track 2
Alan Goodman: Harmonica track 2



all rights reserved


Crystal Cortex Los Alamos, New Mexico

Crystal Cortex is an attempt to compose, record and share a bunch of tunes that others might find entertaining, amusing, or intriguing.


The sunset in the banner was photographed in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

All the recordings were done in Boulder, Colorado, and Los Alamos, New Mexico.
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Track Name: Unjani
I remember this
I remember you
I still want you to hold me close

Aaaaah, it's love
Lovers shouldn't have to be alone

Track Name: Millennial Blues
I'm driving in my car
I'm driving West to East
Across the barren plains
I'm driving where I please

I started out in Niland
And headed out to Phoenix
I have no grand idea
And I've got no bag of tricks

Flagstaff through to Gallup
Albuquerque, Santa Fe
By the time I got to Pueblo
I finally learned to pray

No more smoke and mirrors for me
No more pie in the sky
I don't want your flimflam trickle-down hokum
Believe me, that pig won't fly

The green hills of The Rockies
Are a welcome sight for me
I had to run away
From that desert by the sea

Silicon Valley is
A dustbowl in the making
Soon we'll have no fancy code
To do our High-Speed Trading

Everybody's thirsty
The wells have all run dry
The lakes have turned to dust
My friends all said goodbye

Some went down to Texas
And started driving trucks
Or stumbled into Portland
And just ran out of luck

Anyway, I'm here now
I'm hanging out in Boulder
The hipsters rule this town
They make me feel much older

My future is much better now
I'm living in a basement
I'm earning all my big bucks
In a coffee shop arrangement

I pour expensive coffee
With a fancy foam design
And sell it to the rich folk
Who are no friends of mine

After work I visit
A friend across the street
She can't get a job
She has no food to eat

We dine on day old muffins
And a box of cheap red wine
We're living high on hope
That tomorrow's sun will shine
Track Name: The dance
You said you were coming, I waited for you
Alone with the memories of what we once were
I want to be strong, but I tremble with fear
I'm running on empty
And I need you here

Together again, is all can dream
I close my eyes, you're all I can see
I walk like a man, but I'm crippled inside
I want to run
But there's nowhere to hide

Come dance
Come dance with me
I'll dance
If you dance with me

Daylight sunbeam
Morning tumbling
Rainclouds leaving
Baby's laughing
All the while
I wait for you

You look in my eyes, my pain dissapears
I'm floating away but I'm standing right here
You smile as I try not to squeeze you to death
The world is spinning
As I hold onto you

Daylight sunbeam
Morning tumbling
Rainclouds leaving
Baby's laughing
All the while
I wait for you
Track Name: You can't feel me anymore
Blue, you tell me,
Is the color you feel
You shake me
To awake me
With tears in your eyes

You hold me tightly
Your arms around me
We're alone
I don't know who you are

You can't feel me anymore
You don't feel me anymore

You tell me how
Life passed you by
The dance
Of our romance
Was not all it could be

You can't feel me anymore…..

I'm not the one
For you, you say
I die
You cry awhile
I don't know who you are

You can't feel me anymore…..